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BELVIVERE is committed to the highest quality standards: from the selection of raw materials to fabrics weave and finishing; from products development to actual manufacturing.

An accurate control is in place at all stages to ensure consistent quality and outstanding performance for your fine linens.

Luxury linens “Quality” is redefined as a 5 key-steps process:

1. Quality of the raw materials, sourcing worldwide the finest natural fibers.

2. High Thread Count fabrics, weaving the finest yarns with state-of-the-art textile machinery only available at Italian top rated mills.

3. Finishing fabrics in Italy where textile engineering has developed proprietary technologies to improve properties, performance and appearance of woven fabrics.

4. Developing product features that bring you actual benefits and ease of use.

5. Product design, modeling and manufacturing entirely “Made in Italy”.


1. Quality of raw materials


BELVIVERE has carefully selected only three natural fiber qualities eligible to be spun and then woven into truly luxurious Home Linens:



Egyptian cotton has not gained such a reputation without reason. Egyptian cotton is the world's finest cotton and the following characteristics are what sets Egyptian cotton apart from other natural fibers:

- The humid conditions and rich soil in Egypt along the Nile River banks create the perfect conditions to grow long cotton fibers (also known as staples).

- The staples of Egyptian cotton can range from 1 1/2 inches to 2 1/4 inches. Their long length is about twice the size of other cotton fibers.

- The length of the fiber makes it possible to spin the finest yarns without sacrificing the strength of the yarn itself.

- The strength of the fiber makes fabrics more durable and resistant to stress.

- Its ability to absorb liquids gives fabrics made of Egyptian cotton deeper, brighter and more resistant colors.

- The yarns are smooth and lustrous and the softness of the woven fabric feels like nothing else in the world.

- Egyptian cotton is hand picked which guarantees the highest levels of purity. In addition, hand picking puts no stress on the fibers - as opposed to mechanical picking - leaving the fibers straight and intact.

- The particular care in terms of the cultivation process, and the hand harvesting, ensures that the cotton is perfectly clean at every stage of the growth cycle. The cotton is gathered by hand at 5 specific stages of its life in order to select only fully ripe seeds. This meticulousness yields a perfect quality yarn: its long and ripe fibres give an exceptionally soft and silky product with truly outstanding quality.

All these factors have resulted in Egyptian cotton being by far the best cotton in the world. Fabrics made of Egyptian Cotton are softer, finer and last longer than any other cotton in the world.

Among all varieties of Egyptian cotton Belvivere uses:

- Giza

- Makò



Pima accounts for only three percent of annual cotton production in the United States. Its fineness and longer staple length makes Pima a premium cotton fiber.

It is used to spin finer count yarns, which can be woven into softer, finer and more luxurious fabrics.

It is grown in select areas of the far West and Southwest U.S. where the cotton can benefit from a long growing season in a hot, dry climate.

Pima cotton is grown almost exclusively on furrowed rows where growers can closely regulate irrigation and other inputs.

Pulling the fiber from crops is more expensive than other cottons since Pima cotton is roller-ginned to remove seeds and impurities.

Pima is grown in Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas.



Linum Usitatissimum translates from the Latin as "most useful linen."

In naming this species, botanists recognized the inherent value of the humble flax plant.

For ten thousand years or more, man has known this gentle gift of nature was the source of textiles with special properties: soft hand, rich color absorption, lasting durability, and unrivalled comfort.

For all the benefits of pure Linen see our LINO Collection.

The flax grown in Belgium is one of the few crops still produced in Western Europe, with nearly 130,000 acres under cultivation annually.

For centuries, flax has been grown in Flanders, the westernmost region of Belgium, known since the Renaissance for its prosperity and culture. The climate and topography of the region, interlaced with many small rivers, have made it ideal for linen production.

Belgian linen is recognized as being the best in the World. This excellence may be attributed to three beneficial factors:

- a well-suited soil. Flax is best adapted to fertile, fine textured, clay soils

- a favourable climate with adequate moisture and relatively cool temperatures, particularly during the period from flowering to maturity (June and July).

- Belgian flax growers whose prime concern is quality have the in-depth knowledge and experience required to ensure perfection throughout the various steps of the process. Preparing the soil, selecting varieties, sowing and growing flax, monitoring the cultivation, pulling and retting, the aim of which is to encourage fibre extraction, all these different tasks are carried out with the same rigour and care using traditional methods that have been passed on throughout the ages.




2. High thread count fabrics


Fine Linens only begin with high quality raw natural fibers.

Cotton’s longer staples can then be combed finer to remove smaller fibers and impurities, allowing the cotton to be spun into a finer-textured thread with more tensile strength, ready to be densely woven into luxuriously high thread count fabrics.

Using finer threads lets more thread to fit into that one square-inch measure, in a tighter weave.

Finer threads generally creates smoother, softer fabrics with a silky lustrous hand, and is part of the reason why high thread count fabrics are considered more desirable.

Higher count sheets are also stronger, more durable and much less likely to pill with washings and prolonged wear.

Only a few Italian mills have developed the advanced technologies required for spinning and weaving super fine gauge yarns into truly high thread count fabrics.

BELVIVERE Italian spun cottons are all woven into extraordinary fabrics, at top-rated mills in Italy.




3. Finishing process


BELVIVERE processes woven fabrics with additional finishing treatments to enhance properties, appearance and improve overall performance.

After weaving the fabric is gassed, washed, bleached, mercerized, dyed, calandered and sanforized.

Excess fibers such as loose hair and fuzz are burnt to give a smooth, even appearance to the fabric surface.

Washing & Bleaching
Fabrics are pre-washed with bleach to get out all the impurities and remnants of weaving such as wax and dust particles.

Caustic soda is used to give the fabric resistance and additional shine. The process also stabilizes shrinkage, allowing the fabric to remain soft and loose when washed.

Belvivere uses the so called “reactive dyes” that actually penetrate the cotton going inside the fibers rather than just covering the surface with a pigment that also stiffens the fabric (especially with darker colors). As a result, our colors are vivid, deeper, longer lasting, resistant to light and heat and our sheets are softer. Our dark colors are as soft and silky as our whites because we put the color inside the fiber rather than on top of it. It also allows Belvivere to offer a expanded palette of 18 vibrant colorways.

Fabric is pressed trough several pairs of heated rollers to make it glossy and smooth thus enhancing luster and fixing colors.

it is a method of stretching, shrinking and fixing the woven cloth in both length and width, before cutting and producing to reduce the shrinkage which would otherwise occur after washing. It allows the dimensional stability of your sheeting over a long time and frequent wash.



Belvivere tests any fabric processed to verify a set of key quality performance indicators :

- Colorfastness to laundering and light / heat exposure

- Bursting strength of fabric, is the measure of resistance to rupture by pressure

- Tensile strength, measure tear resistance to lengthwise stress

- Wear/abrasion test measure fabrics resistance to friction, accounting for durability on repeated use

- Pilling score to determine resistance to the formation of pills and other related surface changes on fabrics

- Shrinkage score to verify dimensional stability over frequent washings

In the past decades Italian textile engineering has developed proprietary technologies to improve properties, performance and appearance of woven fabrics still unmatched in any other industry worldwide.

BELVIVERE processes all of its fine fabrics at Italy’s premier finishing mills.




4. Product development


BELVIVERE fine linens are conceived to be used, lived in, enjoyed and loved by you everyday.

A team of expert technicians develops products features that enhance Linens performance with actual benefits and ease of use.

- Belvivere linens are generously oversized to fit today’s deeper pillow top mattresses up to 20" high (see bedding sizes).

- Fitted sheets have extra deep pockets and elastic all around the edge to perfectly fit without creases even after several days on the bed.

- Our fine linens can be easily machine washed at home (see washing instructions) so you don’t need to take them to the Laundry every time.

- Pillow shams and cases have french flap closure for a perfect fit of your pillow while providing an attractive finished look.

- Duvet cover has hidden buttons closure and inside ties to firmly hold your duvet inside and keep the same well dressed look to the whole bed.

- Quilted Coverlet has squared corners for a perfect drop on the sides of the bed.

- Terry towels are taped all around the edges with cotton binding to strenghten the towel and have it dropping down straight and neat from your rack.

These details make your housekeeping easier, your home always well dressed and your life more comfortable while you luxuriate in fine linens every day!




5. Design and Manufacturing are “Made in Italy”


From Michealangelo to Ferrari, from Armani to Da Vinci Italy has always exploited an extraordinary talent for any work of art, fashion and style.

Italy is in itself an inspiration for all that relates to beauty and design.

Belvivere has based in Italy all products styling and modeling to get the most out of this vibrant inner creative power and conceive attractive linens for your home.

Talented designers are relentlessly at work to make Belvivere an icon of style for your home interiors.

A pool of Master skilled artisans and experienced workshops have been carefully selected in Florence, Italy to manufacture Belvivere finest fabrics into magnificently crafted linens.

Linens produced with treasured expertise, still following a time honored practice of old-world craftsmanship that has been passed on through generations:

- Sheets are still individually cut by hand grain-wise. Fabrics straight grain cuts are less likely to stretch out of shape than pieces with edges cut along the bias, because the interwoven threads give their cut edges extra support. This can only be accomplished cutting by hand rather than with a machine and will ensure dimensional stability of your fine bedding over time and endless washings.

- Linens are sewn with tight, small, straight stitches, so fine you can barely see them. Every seam or hem is expertly sewn with 14 stitches per inch. While this provides a beautiful, finished appearance it creates extra strong hems that resist to mechanical stress due to repeated use and will never fray or come unstitched . It means extended durability for your linens.

- Embroidery and any needlework is expertly done by skilled artisans with an exacting attention to every single thread stitched.

- An obsessive care for details is in place at all stages of the manufacturing process. Our artisans only turn a limited number of pieces per day, slowly, carefully taking every opportunity to improve the quality of your fine linens and deliver a genuinely better product.



Quality is widely used in marketing as a generic word that express a self assessed declaration to offer a better product.

We redefine it in very clear details that explain what set Belvivere apart from the ordinary and makes our linens extraordinary.

While quality is an often abused word we stand behind our commitment with a double guarantee to make sure you get the best value for your money.

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